Friday, February 17, 2006

Geek Chic

Warning to all true geeks out there. The beautiful people are invading our turf! You know the type. The jocks who dumped you in the garbage can or shoved you into your school locker, the girls who wouldn’t go out with you because you were too smart or socially inept. These people have figured out that comic books, anime, Sci-Fi, computers, and mismatched clothing is… for lack of a better word… cool. Look at some of the people on G4 television for crying out loud. Sarah Lane claims geek status, and then she downs Serenity and the Browncoats? I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that she was a cheerleader in high school. Do you really think that she would EVER come down from her gum-chewing, bleach blond, power-pedestal to date an actual geek? Or show up at a RPG tournament that she wasn’t getting paid to attend? Shaaa… when monkeys fly outa my butt…
How can the pseudo-geek hosts of Attack of the Show claim geekness and then down the people supposedly watching them by making statements like “you don’t know… you’ve never had real date in your life.” I got news for them, no real geek is watching.
I think that the only real geek on that network (who, by the way, is loosing his geekness) is Adam Sessler on X-play.
Ok, enough of stinkin’ G4.
So, can you be a geek and be good looking? Sure. I know several geeks who are easy on the eyes, but really, it’s not about looks… it’s about attitude. And when it comes to attitude, the veneer is mighty thin on a pseudo-geek, beautiful person always comes out in ‘em. (To paraphrase To Kill a Mockingbird.)
How did geek become chic, anyway? Don’t they remember the mockery they threw at us in the past? Or is it that they have just found another way of ridiculing us by pretending to be one of us? Maybe that’s it.
Yes, I’m beginning to see it all clearly now.
There are no more lockers to toss us into. Without a proper venue, they feel their power base slipping away, and so they claim geek status in order to alienate us further from the land we have claimed as our own!
This cannot happen! Rise up my brothers and sisters! Take back your comics, and your anime! Snatch away that game controller, those dice, and the complete first season of Buffy on DVD! Claim what is ours by birthright! Expose the pseudo-geeks; strip them of their trendy ways. Make it known they are not worthy of those Comicon passes.
Geeks of the World, Unite!

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