Friday, April 21, 2006

Firefly "Who are You" Test

I was looking around and found this cool little "who are you" test based on Firefly. Kinda cool.
As it turns out I'm 81% like Mal. I like that, but I would have rather been Wash, but it seems that I lack Hawaiian shirts. I'll have to work on that. The part that really stresses me out, is that I'm so close to being Inara... (80%) What's that all about!?! I'm just as much of a highly trained hooker as I am a leader of men (and women?) Gees... gives me the willies...
And while were on the subject... how is it possible that I'm 75% Simon the cry-baby doctor? Ehhhhh... I'm gonna have to work on my Jayne skills... or buy a few hawaiian shirts.
Anyway, here's my results...

Capt. Mal Reynolds: 81%
Inara: 80%
Simon: 75%
Zoe: 63%
Jayne: 63%
Wash: 63%
River: 56%
Book: 50%
Kaylee: 31%

Take the test yourself, see how you do.

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