Monday, April 24, 2006

Old School?

Ok, so I was in this gamer store, not a video game “gamer” store, a real gamer store... you know the kind that sell dice and little figures and books... Ya, you know the kind. So there I was, poking around, kinda re-living my youth and secretly hoping to find the “Serenity” RPG so that I would have to buy it. So I picked up some things, the kind of things small enough that I can pay for with cash and not have to explain to my wife why I bought gaming supplies that will never be used. With me so far?
So, I walk up to the counter, and in come some kids, who sign a sheet before disappearing into the back room. “Tournament” I think to myself. So I ask the guy behind the counter, “What they playin’ in the back room?” He tells me, and I don’t remember what it was ‘cause I’d never heard of it. I just nod and hand him some bills for the useless crap I just bought. Then some kid next to me asks, “So... what d’ you play?” I turn to look at the short, slightly overweight, tee shirt clad gamer to my left. “Nothin’ any more,” I said, “used to play D&D back in the day, but not so much any more.”
He nods, “What edition?”
EDITION? I didn’t know there were any editions of D&D. So I fake it.
“Oh,” I say, “Advanced.” Now, just to straighten the record, I used to play a lot more than that. AD&D was the standard, but I also played Traveler, Shadow Run, Battle-Tech, Car Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (yes, it was an RPG long before it was a cartoon) and countless other experiments.
“Oh,” he grins and nods in that timeless geeky fasion, “Old School.”

Old school! Old school? I’m trying to let this sink in. Old school. Like 70’s rock on vinyl records? Ya, that can be cool. So, I’m an “old school gamer.”
*Shakes head*
I gotta get a hobbie. As cool as being "Old School" could be in the geek world, It just doesn’t feel that cool.
“Old School!” The little dork!

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themikestand said...

Hey: Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. Nice to know there are other folks out there who are succesfully donating marrow. I'm still on the list.

Also nice to run into other Firefly fans.


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