Wednesday, April 26, 2006

People are Strange

If there is anything I love in this world... besides my wife (Hi Honey)... it’s folk that can make me laugh. And if they can make me laugh while giving me good information, well, that’s just like frosting on an incredibly rich cake, now isn’t it. So when I got my “Cool Site of the Day” from Kim Komando this morning, I was delighted to find that it took me
here -->
Who ever this person is... well... he’s my kind of stupid. What he does is... ummm... he buys random things from the store and then gives you his review of them in just such a way that... well, he made me laugh, especially with his review of Vault Soda. Oh, yes my friends, chuckles were had. (You may have to look in the archives to find it.)

I also think that he may be a Browncoat. Not that he makes any direct references, but just by some of the things that he says. Body language of the pen, you might say. I could be very wrong, but, he has the faint, yet pleasin’ odor of the ‘verse.
So, check him out, you’ll be pleased.

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