Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Boy Scouts = My Life

I haven’t written in a while. Thing have been crazy.
On Monday I went in for my annual physical for the Boy Scouts, to make sure that I’m not gonna have a heart attack on some hike. Heaven help me if some 13 year old has to do CPR on me in the high Uinta Mountains. I don’t even think that they can spell CPR, let alone do it.
Sorry ADD boy again.
Anyway, my blood pressure is 140something over 110something. So, now, I’m being medicated for being a stress case. My wife doesn’t know if she needs to thank the BSA for making me get a physical every year, or to curse them for causing the stress.
No… I’d be fine if I’d just stick to being the Scout Master of my neighborhood troop, but no, that isn’t enough, I have to be the assistant course director for “Silver Moccasin” as well. (Silver Moccasin is the council’s NYLT training course, by the way.)
One of the really neat things that’s happening this summer is that the council is sending me to the national training center at Philmont this August. Which is gonna be a total blast because I get to bring the family along. It seems that they have programs for my wife and all of the kids on down to my two year old. So, they all get to go horseback riding, and have fun while I’m sitting in classes. No, really, it should be fun, if I can just make it through June and July without clutching at my chest and falling to the ground.
I'll tell you one thing though, at Silver Moccasin, I have power running to my tent, and I'm taking my little DVD player, along with Serenity, Firefly, and probably season 3 of Buffy. Oh yes, Whedon will be represented at camp this year.

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