Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Ghost Rider, The Movie?

Sorry, I’m gonna get really geeky today.
Last weekend my wife and I went to see X3: The Last Stand. And while I liked it, it wasn’t great. I really don’t think that it deserved the 100something million dollars it made its first weekend. But, It was a good couple of hours. The thing that kinda bothered me was the trailer for Ghost Rider, for a couple of reasons.
How many freakin’ movies are they gonna make about comic book characters. I mean, let’s face it, Ghost Rider? How many people outside of the comic book world have ever heard about ghost rider?
Don’t get me wrong; I like Ghost Rider. I used to read that comic quite a bit... when I was in grade school! I still have a couple of them wrapped in protective vinyl envelopes (geek) and stored away from light and damaging elements.
Now, their bringing Superman back, there’s been talk of making a Witchblade movie, and Joss Whedon is writing the script for Wonder Woman. This one I’m actually looking forward to. In my opinion, it’s got two things going for it: Joss and Linda Carter... What? No Linda Carter? That’s it... I don’t have any desire to see this waste of two hours of my life... Well, okay, I’ll probably go see it anyway. I mean Joss is writing and directing it, so I'm kinda obligated. So... No Linda Carter? *sigh*
Nicolas Cage. I don’t know. I don’t have a lot of faith in Hollywood A-listers. For the most part I believe them to be talentless hacks. I’m not saying this about Cage. I actually kind of like him. Unlike Tom Cruise, he doesn’t seem to be a freak. He was good in ConAir, very good in Racing with the Moon, Very funny in Peggy Sue got Married (probably the only good thing about that snoozer), Fantastic in Moonstruck, good in City of Angels, and very good in Gone in 60 Seconds. So, I like Cage quite a bit, but can he pull off Johnny Blaze? I guess we’ll see in February. I guess that I’m willin’ to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Hey I got an idea...
As long as Hollywood’s hot for comic book movies...

Groo the Wanderer! I want a Groo Movie!

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