Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Holding it Together

I’ve been spending my lunch hour looking around at blog sites. And I came across the site of a lady who has been going through a lot the last year and a half. Her posts were heart wrenching. I can’t imagine pain like that. She made me look back on the things that have happened to me over the last year. And I gotta tell ya... I’ve got it made. How she has been able to hold herself together... well, that’s a testament to true strength.
She got me thinking. If, God forbid, I were to loose my wife, what would hold me together?
My religion? I’m not so sure. My faith has never been that strong. I tend to side with Mal Reynolds on this one. “I ain’t lookin’ for help from on high. That’s a long wait for a train that don’t come.”
My work? What, are you kiddin’?
My Family? Well, they could be of comfort, if they took turns. Like most Mormon families... well... there’s a lot of us. Damn near an army. Overwhelming? Understatement.
My Kids? Yes. Those guys are my glue. I love them more than life itself. I found this picture of me and two of my daughters. It was taken at West Thumb in Yellowstone a couple of years ago. It’s a bit blurry and it was a cold, rainy day. But, I love it.
I hope that I never have to find out what it would be like to have to be a single Dad. I’m afraid that I would go off the deep end, and never be able to swim to shore.

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NeverEnough said...

You seem to be a really great guy with a lot on your plate as well though. And your children are going to love you so, so much for that in the longrun.

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