Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Keep Flyin'

I’m feeling a bit thoughtful right now.
You may have seen posts from me with the phrase “Keep Flyin’” tacked to the end. Let me tell you where it comes from.
Back in 2002 there was a little show on FOX called “Firefly.” In it, a small group of people, one might say that there were a family of sorts, traveled the ‘verse in a little transport that went by the name “Serenity.” (Sound familiar yet? Yes, there was a movie out last summer that went by the same name.)
Anyway, at the very end of what should have been the first episode, the Captain, Mal Reynolds is inviting Dr. Simon Tam to join the crew. At this Simon asks Mal why he’s being so nice and Mal answers that it’s been “a good day.”
To this Simon says something like, “You’re carrying two fugitives, you’ve run from the law and from savages. Most of the people on the ship, including yourself, have been shot or wounded, and it’s been a good day?”
To this Mal answers, “Were still flyin’.” And then Simon says, “That’s not much.”
“It’s enough.” Mal says, before turning back to the ship’s helm.

You see, no matter how bad it gets, if you can get to sundown and your still flyin’, well, then it’s enough.
And so...
Keep Flyin’


NeverEnough said...

Cool blog! I actually enjoyed reading this one.

Kristi K. said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and telling me something good. Got your message loud and clear; and I needed to hear it.
I'm glad there are still people left in the world who aren't afraid to say what they think. Hats off to you!

Murph said...

Thanks Guys.

Ya'll come back again real soon.

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