Monday, May 08, 2006

No Worries

I really wanted to write some scorching rant about something... But…
Nothing’s really bugging me today. Hu... how about that? Life is going really well.
-I’m going into the Scouting summer from Hell. (3 weeklong camps).
-My wife has decided that she hates our house and so wants to sell it, even though we probably only have a couple of bucks in equity (no lie).
-My car is making some unholy screeching sound under the hood.
-My back yard lawn is so long that I’m gonna need a field mower to get through it.
-I can’t find anything good to read... Print is dead.
-I have some gardens to put in. (flower and veggie)
-I’ve been remodeling our bathroom for two years now.
-My (almost) teen-aged daughter wants her own room, and I’m about half done with that.
-My kitchen cabinets are falling apart.
-The entire house needs to be painted, inside and out.
-Our mini-van needs tires.
-After saving and waiting for three years now, I finally got a mountain bike, but now I’m too busy to ride it.

But, life is going ok. I can’t say that I have anything of meaning to complain about.
Keep Flyin’… it’s enough.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say you are one awesome man to still be flyin' with all you have to deal with these days. I guess I wanted you to know I have noticed and I love you for it. Thanks for allowing me to be with you through it all. I know you'll keep flyin' because there is so much more for us out there.

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