Friday, May 26, 2006

The R. Tam Sessions

“I can see you…”

Chilling is all I can say about this little film.
Those of you who have read my little blog here know that I’m a freak for Firefly & Serenity. (Actually anything Joss Whedon as of late, but that’s for another time.) One of the things that I love about the ‘verse (world of Firefly) is that there are so many mysteries. These mysteries were just getting set when the series was cancelled.

Who was Shepherd Book before he joined the priesthood?
What did Wash do during the War? What are the shadow puppets all about?
Who are the Blue Hand Guys? (Kind of answered in the comic book)
What is BlueSun?
Why did Inara leave her home to travel the ‘verse? What’s she hiding?
What really happened to River in the institute?
What is she really capable of?

Some of these questions were answered in the movie Serenity. Others… not so much.
Some of the questions were touched on in the book that accompanied the movie. Others… not so much. And some of the questions were deepened, expanded, spawned new questions.

The R. Tam Sessions, at least, brings new light into the questions about River and the institute, in a haunting and quite chilling way.
I’m not sure where the film came from or why it was made. It stars Summer Glau and Joss Whedon (quite obvious from the voice, otherwise, you only see the back of his head). says that it was made as a kind of promotional thing for the movie, but this is the first anyone has heard of it, As far as I know. So… I don’t know.
I enjoyed it thoroughly, ‘cause I love the River character, and Summer does such a good job with it. Brilliant.
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