Thursday, June 15, 2006

Lovely Sushi

Went for Sushi today. Yep, my once every other month treat. I’m poor, so I don’t get to have it very often. But today is extra special cause I ain’t paying.
I have a friend at work who is a commander in the Pacific Submarine Fleet and he’s presently attending the Army War College. So, he’s asked if, since I have an English Degree, I can proof read his papers. Last night I proof read a paper on… well… I know that it had something to do with tactical vs. conceptual leadership strategies… but that’s about all I could get out of it. It had a lot of words like SECDEF and SUBCOMPAC in it. Heck, I never served in the military and my English degree is in literature. I can barely find the subject phrase in a sentence. So, I checked it for punctuation and made sure that all of the sentences had a good flow to them. But that’s about it. And for that… he’s takin’ me to Sushi!
I got a taste for it when I was living in Las Angeles. I used to go to this place called “Tokyo House” where the waitresses barely spoke English, but they thought that my friend was cute so they would give us free steamed rice. Doesn’t sound like much, but back then I was even more poor than I am now.
I’m not one for the California Roll. Never did like avocado. But, I’m a huge fan of what’s called “Nigiri” sushi. Especially when it’s made of salmon or tuna.
What it is, is a ball of vinegared rice, with a small blob of wasabi in the middle. Then they lay the sashimi (raw fish) over the top. Sometimes they’ll tie it up with a strip of nori (sea weed), but not very often.
Tasty! Sweet with this little kick of short-lived spice to the nose.
I’ll tell you, those Japanese folk really know how to eat.
No, I have no Asian blood in me, but I sure wouldn’t mind if I did.
My ancestry? Well let’s just say that I’m red headed and pasty white with no genetic ability to tan in any way. Fine dining to my ancestors was to get all dressed up in their finest coarse wool and animal skins, and smear their faces with blue mud, before sitting down to a nice plate of oats and sheep’s innards cooked in its own stomach. Mmmm-Mmm. Yummy!

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witness said...

Beautifully said!! I love a good sushi as well. Here in the Georgia backwoods I have had to teach myself how to make it in order to get my fix. The closest thing to sushi here is deep fried catfish....lets just say it doesn't roll up too easily in nori seaweed. It's kind of like trying to put Larry the Cable guy into a tux....just doesn't work.

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