Monday, June 05, 2006

My Heart Will Go...

Have you ever had something go through your head that made you go... “Freak, where did that come from?”
I had one of those moments the other day.
So... there we were, the whole family packed into the mini van. Driving here and there. Listening to some easy listening station (my wife and I have done the battle of music types. As long as it isn’t country, I won’t slash my wrists). So on comes the theme to Titanic. My mind, takes a little vacation.

So, I’m thinking about the movie. I hate (I’m using the word, Hate, here) hate Leo DeCrappio. So naturally, I’m thinking of the part of the movie where Jack dies. Yep, my favorite part, mainly, because Jack FINALLY dies, and because the movie is almost over by this point.
So, in my mind, here’s Rose... looking wet and cold, floating on her scrap of wood, and there’s Jack... dead in the north Atlantic. I’m smiling.
So then she says to his corpse, “Jack, I’ll never let go.” And then before breaking his hand away from hers, she kisses him hard on the face (Anywhere really, doesn’t matter) and, somehow, her tongue freezes to his face (you know like that Christmas story kid and the flagpole).
Hey, this is my board mind at work, not your’s...
She can’t get it un-frozen (lack of warm water) and so as he sinks, she trails behind by her tongue.

At this point I have a wicked grin on my face, and my wife, just, doesn’t want to know.

1 comment:

NeverEnough said...

Haha!! That would have been a great ending. I don't like DiCaprio either.

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