Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bloody Pirates!


With all of the things to moan and complain about, I’m gonna complain about Disney.

I just found out that Disney just changed the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, so that it would be more like the movies.

Greedy corporate so-and-sos! I curse your name!

When I was growing up, we didn’t have a lot of money. I remember times when my Dad worked multiple jobs so that he could give us a good Christmas. And so, summer vacations were usually camping trips into the Uinta Mountains. These I loved, by the way. I still consider the Stillwater Fork to be “My River.”
So... it was a grand treat when we could go to Disneyland. And the one ride that my Dad and I would rush to get on was Pirates of the Caribbean. The last ride Walt worked on before he died. That kind of makes it sacred… don’t it?
This isn’t one of those Get on... Scream... Get off 45 seconds later kind of rides. This thing lasts 14 ½ minutes!
It was perfect the way it was, and then Disney Corp in their "infinite wisdom" decided to make the ride about pirates... politically correct! They changed several things, but the most noticeable one was that the pirate chasing the wench to get a little trim, was changed to the pirate chasing the wench to get a little food. What! A lonely pirate, been at sea for months, wants... food? *sigh*

Now, they’ve announced that they changed the ride to reflect the movies. They added characters and changed story line. They say that you’ll hardly notice, but... come on, why don’t they just go and crap on Walt's grave while their at it... or crap on his freezer, if that story happens to be true.

What are they going to do next? Put Eddy Murphy in the Haunted Mansion?

I haven’t gone to see the second movie yet, and now I don’t know if I want too.

Who am I kidding? I’ll go, I can’t resist Disney in any form.

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witness said...

Well said, well said! Arghhh.

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