Monday, July 17, 2006

Weekend from... well... not from the Islands.

Somewhere there is a lonely hammock... and I’m not there.

I just came out of a kind of crappy weekend and not sure how I’m feeling.

I guess I’ll start with the weekend...

We’ve been getting the house ready to be put on the market. After 12 years in the same little house, we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s to small, and so, we’re looking for something a bit larger. So... I have a lot of work to do.
This last Saturday was “clean out the dog run” day. We have this big dog run on the side of our house, but no dogs have ever run there. And so, I’ve used it to dump my grass clippings, tree branches, parts of old cedar fencing, plumbing parts that have been removed from our crawl space... that kind of stuff. So, we borrowed my father-in-law’s trailer; pulled down part of the fence, and 8:00 Saturday morning, I went to work with my brand new hayfork. There’s something about working in the 103 degree desert sun that just makes you want to keel over... ya know? There just isn't enough Slurpees in the world.
Well... long story short... I didn’t get it done. By the time the first load went to the dump, I was overheated (and not in the good way), filthy (again, not in the good way), and completely done in.
And then...
Sunday, I had a presentation to do at church. We call them “Firesides.” I was supposed to do it on the reason why young men should strive to get their Eagle Scout award. So, I had budgeted some time for some Eagle Scouts to talk about their experiences. This thing was supposed to happen at 11:30 am, but, by 11:00 am every one of them (whom I had talked to a week before) had called to tell me that they wouldn’t be there. So, exasperated and somewhat perturbed, I jump on the phone and found one guy, (God bless him) that would do a quick fill in for me. It didn’t come off the way I’d hoped, but it went ok.
Now... to put a shiny cap on this “wonderful” weekend from Hell.
This very morning, I had to drop my daughter off at the church for girl’s camp at 7:30 this morning. We walk out to my car, load in her gear, turn the key and... you guessed it... nothing! Dead as freakin' road-kill.
So, I borrow my mom’s van (so glad they live next door), get my wonderful little girl to the bus, return my Mom’s van to her and walk to my wife’s work and steal her car, so that I can drive the 10 miles to work in the 5 minutes I had left to get there.


Well, there’s always next weekend... right? Anyone know how to put in a laminate floor? Me neither.

There was an up-side to the weekend.
My wife and I went out to Iggy’s Sport’s Grill. Neither of us really like sports unless you’re talking Nascar (for her) and World’s Cup Soccer (for me) but the food is really good, so we go there every once in a while.
I had this Blackened Chicken that was... well... it melted my shoes with it’s spice, but was so worth it. And I got to spend some time with my wife which was great! And we didn’t even have to talk about the house.
Update (a day later):
It wasn't my Gorram Battery! After going out and buying a new battery, I find that it's most likely the starter.
I guess this is what going mad feels like. ;)

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