Monday, July 31, 2006

Welcome to Boxland... you are... Where?

I’m living in hell!

Saturday afternoon, I got back from Scout-Camp to find my kitchen disassembled and sitting in big cardboard boxes.
It was just a little too much reality for a hot Saturday afternoon.

My wife and her mom, as it turns out, had decided that Saturday was the day to “de-clutter” the house before we put the sign up to sell it. Suddenly, the fact that we are moving became all too real to me.

I’m ok with the fact that we're moving, it’s just that I love being a Scout Master, and I’d have to be released from that calling. Plus, I love our neighborhood... but I hate our house. Hate... I'm using the word "Hate" here.

I’ll be all right with moving. I just have to wrap my head around the idea and give it a good squeeze.

1 comment:

NeverEnough said...

I'm "de-cluttering" right now since my house is for sale and it IS scary. And sad. I feel ya!

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