Thursday, August 24, 2006

Home Sold... Maybe

Well... I may be living in a box soon, because it looks like my home has sold. Maybe. We had the first offer on the home two days after it went on the market (were we asking to little for it? Maybe... to late now...) But that deal fell apart while we were speeding across Nowhere, Wyoming. Then... we got a new offer on it while we were in New Mexico. So, we hit the ground running as soon as we got home and found a house that we like, but, before we could make an offer on it, the inspection report on our house came in and all wheels ground to a halt.

My house is in really good shape, for a tract house built in the 60’s. But, there’s an electrical issue that’s gonna cost me about a grand to “fix,” which really isn’t a fix at all. You see, I work in construction and so, when I got the inspection report, I called an electrician friend of mine who proceeded to tell me, in blinding detail, exactly how full of crap the inspector is.

So... now what do I do?

Tell the buyers to take a flying leap, because I’m not paying for a cosmetic fix and possibly loose the house we want to make an offer on, just to have the same issue come up in the next inspection with the next buyer? Or, do I bite the bullet, pay for this “fix,” make the offer on the other house and proceed down the path of doubling my mortgage payment.


I hate this…


NeverEnough said...

Hmmm, same problems I'm dealing with now. You really don't have to pay for anything though, youn know?

Leigh said...

What about taking the cost of the repair off the price of the house. That is what we did with the last house we bought.

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