Monday, October 02, 2006

Can Hell Freeze Over My Brain?

Today felt like a Slurpee kind of day. It’s a Monday… I’m Broke… The office was hot… and I got about 4 hours of sleep last night. Yep, a Slurpee day. The problem was, there isn’t a 7-11 within a couple of miles of the office, and so, I had to do the next best thing. There’s a little gas station down at the corner with an Icee machine, and they almost always had the two best flavors in the world. Coke and Cherry. So, at lunch time I found myself hoofin’ it down to the corner (‘cause I’m to cheep to drive) to get me 32 ounces of the ultimate mix (1/4 Cherry to 3/4 Coke).
Long story short, I fill my cup, waiting at intervals to allow the ice crystals to form so that I don’t get a Slurpee eruption and all is going well until, I pick it up to put in the straw. It must have been the dreaded delayed ice effect, because all of a sudden, “Thar she blows.” Coke/Cherry Slurpee running down the sides of the cup and it’s not stopping, the icy drink is expanding so fast, that I have no other choice than to slap my lips around the hole in the domed lid and gulp the overage as fast as it would come.
(This is sounding slightly adult in nature, but I assure you, gentle reader, I am talking about a frozen summertime drink)
By the time I am able to get to the counter and pay the cashier my head is frozen and in the beginnings of a phenomenon known to all as “Brain Freeze.” In fact it was the worst brain freeze I have ever experienced. My eyes watered, my head throbbed, the world spun, and the whole thing left me wanting to assume the fetal position and confess all my past transgressions to the gas station cashier, a fine older lady who goes by the name of Martha.
Even now, as I sit at my desk, chewing on the molten goodness of my turkey pot pie, I stare at the melting Slurpee, and shiver at the thought of just one more swig.

1 comment:

Suze said...

lol. I have had this happen with beers but never with a slurpee. How long did it take for your brain to defrost? :D

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