Thursday, February 15, 2007

Is it spring yet? Dang...

This morning I almost cried.
This winter, and I don’t know why, but it has been a hard one for me. Maybe because it’s been so cold and so gray. Even the sunny days have been bleak in some way.
I may not have my facts completely right, but this winter, we went something like 6 weeks without ever getting above freezing. Well, if it wasn’t six weeks… it felt like 6 weeks. All last week it was warm, in the 40’s and 50’s warm. I could go out without a coat on for the first time this winter. The snow melted off and it was bright and sunny. Spring fever hit me like a ton of bricks, and now I can’t wait to garden, and go mountain biking, and hiking and all of the enjoyable stuff I love so very, very much.
And then, there was this morning. I knew it was supposed to rain. Rain is good because it isn’t snow, but this morning… I opened the door to send the kids off to the bus stop, and it… was… I can barely type these words without wanting to cry… it was… snowing. Not hard, and not the dry fluffy stuff we’re known for here in Utah. It was feeble and slushy, but it was SNOW!
Winter’s never going to end… ever… we (I) am going to be stuck in this suckfest known as winter for the rest of my life. Where is all that global warming anyway? Can I call up Al Gore’s office and demand global warming today!?! What, do I need to go buy the biggest SUV on the planet, you know the one, the one that gets like 2 miles to the gallon, and then run it 24/7 until the planet heats up a few degrees? I can do that.

I’ve come to a decision.
As of this moment, Winter is over for me. From today forward, I will not wear a coat. I won’t do it. As far as I am concerned, spring has sprung and I am in the thick of it. So no more coats, I’m giving the finger to old man winter. I don’t care how cold it gets; I will not put a coat on. I figure that if I ignore winter long enough, maybe it will go away.
Wish me luck, ‘cause I have a feeling I’ll be cremating my frost bitten fingers in a couple of days.
Brrrrrrrr… is it cold in here?

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