Monday, July 30, 2007

The Dark Side of the Moon

Friday night ended in a perfect way.
But… Let me back up… a bit.

When I was a much younger man, before I was married even, I used to go to a laser light show at the Hansen Planetarium. “Laser Floyd” it was called. Weekends at midnight, freaks from all around the Salt Lake Valley would gather at this ancient building to trip the light fantastic. Yes… many of them, I’m sure, were on some kind of enhancement just to make the light just a little more… trippy. I was not one of them, by the way.
It was great to hear music that I love, and see the laser effects, and just to let my mind go. It’s one of those memories from back then that I really like and really miss.

The Hansen Planetarium is gone now, replaced by a much more modern, if empty, Clark Planetarium. I say empty because there is not much in it except for a few little displays and a couple of theaters. I was a little disappointed by it until I saw that on Friday night, 11:00pm they were playing “Dark Side of the Moon” laser and light show.
So I went with my wife and my two oldest daughters.
That was awesome!
The effects that they can do now verses 20 years ago, makes the old show seem really cheesy and… well… old. My daughters, both of them Hanna Montana, and country music fans, were not really impressed, and spent most of the show with their hands over their ears and their eyes shut. What ya gonna do? I should ground them both, and have them listen to nothing but Floyd for a week.
Probably wouldn’t work.

Well, now that I know that it’s there, I expect to spend a few extra Friday nights there, tripping under the laser light.
Join me some night…
I’ll see you on the Dark Side of the Moon.

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