Thursday, October 11, 2007

Book Wasteland

I am so needing a book right now. I started reading The Golden Compass by… some guy that I can’t remember right now… and put it down after 100 pages.
I’ll give any book 100 pages, and if the author has failed to intrigue me enough to read page 101 then I put it on the shelf to maybe be picked up at a later date.
So… now I am finding myself in a book wasteland with no idea what I want to read next.
Being that it is Halloween, I thought that I might like to read some Poe. But after reading the first page of Mask of the Red Death …ugh… I just cant take any Victorian language right now.
I thought that some CyberPunk would be a good change to the Ender’s Game series I had just finished. (I read most of the “Shadow” series). So I picked up a collection of Short Stories by Bruce Sterling. I read most of them. The nice thing about Short Story collections is that if one story isn’t working for you… go on to the next one. But although I like Sterling… I just wasn’t in the mood.

So what’s wrong with me? I’m an English Major for crying out loud. I love books! I don’t think that there has been a time in the last 10 years that I haven’t had a book sitting in my bag, ‘til now. If you were to open up my book bag (it’s a very nice one by the way. A brown canvas courier bag, by U.S. Luggage) you would find… no books. Well, that’s not true. You’d find a Grammar Mechanics book and a GRE prep course that I’m trying to ignore. But other than that… no books.
It’s not that I don’t have access to books. I have books, my very own library in fact. It’s not the greatest library in the world, but it’s pretty good.
I have a card to the county library as well, and I know how to use it. I even went to Barnes and Noble just to walk around, to smell the odor of new books mingled with coffee… heaven… and, while some titles intrigued me, I just couldn’t get up the enthusiasm to sit down with any of them. Weird.

You know how some writers get writer’s block, and they have to do something drastic to get going again. I read in one of Stephen King’s books, On Writing, where he was talking about writing The Stand. That about half way through, he got writer’s block so badly that he literally could not write another word. This lasted for weeks. So he put a bomb in the closet, killed fully half of his characters, which broke his block, and he was able to finish a pretty good book. Maybe I have reader’s block.
So what drastic thing do I need to do in order to break my block? Hummmmm…
I know! Jane Austen! Reading her work would be a kin to putting a bomb in my head. It’ll work… it has to work.

Or… I can listen to the bookslut ... I know, sound's bad, but this chick knows books.

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John'swife said...

Mike, I found something for you to read. It is short but entertaining. Check out my blog, the link is there.

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