Wednesday, January 16, 2008

American Idol

First… let’s get something perfectly straight here.

I do not watch American Idol!

Except for the first couple of episodes.

Ok… I’m guilty! I like watching beautiful and freaky people alike make fools of themselves in front of one of the largest television audiences in history. It’s true. It’s one of my guilty pleasures, and I watched last night. I watched hearts be broken under the elitist boot of Simon and laughed right along with the rest of America right up until they got to Christina Tolisano. She, who the blogs this morning are calling “The Kooky Star Wars Girl.”
I felt bad for her; I really did because I was looking at a fellow geek. On who was brave enough (or foolish enough) to step out of the convention shadows and onto national television resplendent in her black clothing and the Leah-esk cinnamon rolls at her ears. She didn’t sing very well, better than many but not as well as she thought she did, and so it was an inevitable outcome, three no’s and out she went.
In the hall, she cried, calling herself a dork, and I felt sorry for her… as a fellow dork.
And maybe I shouldn’t have felt sorry for her; there is a certain strength to being a geek, to being an outcast from "Cool" society. Many of us, myself included, hide that part of ourselves so that we’re not looked at as the dork next door.
She put herself out there, opened herself to the jeers and ridicule. There’s a lot of bravery to that and I say, “good for her.”

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