Thursday, February 28, 2008

What? American Idol? Ummm...

What the HELL is wrong with me!?!
I’m watching American Idol… and… I like it!?!

I have my favorites (The Irish girl with the tattoos and the blond Mormon girl) I don’t know their names… I guess that’s one redeeming feature. And I’ve never called in to vote… that’s a good thing... right?

But watching American Idol? Caring about who gets sent home? Tuning in 3 times a week… on purpose?

Now look… I like some of what Idol has produced. Kelly Clarkson, her last album rocked. Daughtry can sing a good tune as well. I’m not a music snob; I’ll listen to anyone who can produce a good tune, regardless of genre. I mostly like Jazz… look three posts down… Missy Grillone… as they would say back East… “Fahgetaboudit” she’s awesome. Dianna Krall, Nora Jones, Jane Monheit, Harry Connick, Jr. … These are the folks I go to for my jazz fix. When I’m not in a jazz mood, I usually turn to Evanescence or to classic rock…

Now I’m all off the subject…

What is wrong with me?
Maybe I need to go in for a Cat-scan. I’m sure I have some kind of tumor. Then again, maybe it’s just that I haven’t had a good book to read, one I’ve felt passionate about, and so I’ve turned to FOX reality drivel, and got caught, hooked, as it were. How long is the season? Let’s just get it over with so I can regain my dignity and go back to being a TV snob.

Monday, February 25, 2008

A Scout is...Courteous

So what has happened to common courtesy? I really fear for the coming generation because they have no concept of courtesy, and therefore no respect for anything.
Last weekend, I took my wife on a date. As with most of our dates, it was dinner and a movie. You do what you can afford and really, it doesn’t really matter what it is we do together, as long as we’re together and away from the house and children.
So, we went to a movie. Since I chose the last one, I Am Legend, and since that movie creeped my wife out… just a bit. I owed her two chick flicks. Thus it was that I found myself sitting in a theater preparing myself for Step Up 2: The Streets.
I know what your about to say, so just save it. The story was lame; one of those basic underdog stories that Hollywood is always fond of over using. But the music and the dancing were pretty good. That’s all I’ll say about that.
So, anyway, there I was settling into my notoriously uncomfortable stadium theater chair at the megaplex when all of a sudden, the back of my chair shakes, and I find that I can no longer get my seat to lay back at all. Looking up and back toward the back of my seat, I can see to white toes of a pair of Adidas poking out from the top of my chair. Looking to my left, I can see that the same thing is happening to the 3 people sitting next to me.
“Maybe they don’t know that we’re here,” I think to myself, after all, I tend to slump down in my seat when at the movies. I’m kind of a tall guy, and in the days before stadium seating, I was always concerned that the people behind me couldn’t see, and so I’ve always slumped low in the seats. Even though I don’t have to anymore, I still do, partly out of habit. So, I sit up and make a play of shaking the seat as much as possible to let the person behind me know that I’m there. He responds by kicking the back of my seat.
“The punk,” I’m thinking now. So I sit up a little higher so that I can look up over the back of my chair and find myself with a gynecological view of a 15-year-old punk with sagging jeans and an attitude.
I’m sorry for my crudity here, but I gotta tell it as it is. And so, if you happen to be a teen, who’s not really interested in the movie, but is just trying to hook up with some hotty for the evening… well… giving that particular view to a 30-something Scout Master, is probably not the best track to be following. Giving that view to some hotty is also probably not the best idea either. No one looks good in the stirrups, okay there cowboy?
At this point, I settle back in, and look at my wife. She knows me to well, and knows that I’m probably not going to do anything, since I don’t like rocking the boat. “Tell ‘em to move his feet.” She says to me and I just shake my head. “Be a man.” Well, I can’t be thinking that my wife would question my manhood, so, mustering all I know about kids from my years of working with the boy scouts, “Dawg! Don’t be kicking my chair.” I think that caught punk boy off guard, ‘cause, you wouldn’t expect that coming from an almost 40-year-old redhead. “What?” he says. “Can ya get yer feet off my chair? Thanks man.”
That did it, and he moved his feet from mine to the one to my left, at which point, the young ladies to my left got up and left.
The rest of the movie was fine… loud, but fine. The punks behind us liked to comment on the hotness of the girls on the screen, in non-to quiet tones. Guys, another piece of advice… commenting on the relative hotness of actresses on the screen, is probably not a good strategy for hooking up with girls at a movie theater. Case in point, as my wife and I were leaving the theater in our mini-van, the punks that had been sitting behind us, were walking home… alone.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Is it Spring Yet?

I don’t know about you, but I am sick of winter! I’m done… is it spring yet?
It seems that every year, there's something magical about the first snowfall of the year, when it covers up the dead plants of autumn, and everything turns from brown to white. The air feels clean and crisp and everything is new. Then the holidays hit, and while I don’t like the holidays, I tend to look at the holidays much like Scrooge did on December 23rd, I have to admit that there is a certain magic to the snow.
And then, along comes January 2nd, and it all comes to a screeching halt. The days turn gloomy, the snow turns into a grayish slush and the air turns from crisp to freakin’ cold. Everyone is walking around bundled in their heaviest coats, head down against the wind against the stinging ice. Ugh!
So I ask you, gentle reader, is it spring yet?

Friday, February 08, 2008

Piano Bar Music

Missy Grillone

I love piano bar music. I don't know why.
And this girl rocks... in a piano bar kind of way.
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