Friday, February 08, 2008

Piano Bar Music

Missy Grillone

I love piano bar music. I don't know why.
And this girl rocks... in a piano bar kind of way.


mi despertar said...

I love yor blog
Hugs fro me to you!!!!

Murph said...

Yay! I have a fan.
You like me... you really, really like me.

Anonymous said...


This is Missy Grillone

I am very flattered that you likek my music. My email is - if you would like a cd, please send me an email!

God bless,


Murph said...

Hello Missy!
Actually I have your CD. I picked it up the other night at Bob Lonsberry's little Date Night Concert.
I gotta say... You have a fan in me. I love Jazz piano so I've added your disk to my library right next to Nora Jones and Diana Krall. That is, it'd be in my library if I could pry if from my Daughter's fingers. I think that you have a fan in her too.
Good luck in all you do, and keep me informed of any other performances you may be doing.


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