Saturday, March 29, 2008

Into The Black

Seems that folks have good ideas all of the time. I really respect those who put those ideas into action.
Here is a group of folks who love Firefly/Serenity and then did something really original with the world that Joss Whedon created.

Looks like they're late getting it out... but I can't wait to see it.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hey Mo... Nuck, Nuck, Nuck

I read a blog by Mo Rocca this morning that really got me thinking. It’s entitled “American Idol: Are Mormons Better Than Other Christians… at Singing?”
(You can read the full text Here )

Let me get one thing very straight here. I like Mo Rocca. I listen to him on NPR’s “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” Saturday mornings and I’ve seen him on various specials on VH1 and MTV. I think that he is a very funny guy… why else would I read his blog? And let me make one thing perfectly clear… I, in no way believe that Mo Rocca is a bigot, in fact I believe that he is quite the opposite. His Blog, in many ways was complimentary of the LDS people… but then… this is the world we have built for ourselves isn’t it. We can call foul anytime we darn well please… this, I guess, is mine.
That being said, is the premise of his blog “Are Mormon’s better singers” in some way stereotypical and therefore bigoted?

Before you jump all over me and tell me to lighten up, please allow me to illustrate.
If he’d have said, “Tax Season: Are Jews better accountants than other Judeo-Christians” or “The NCAA Sweet Sixteen: Do the Black colleges have the advantage?” Or any other seemingly innocuous statement like that, he would have had some explaining to do. Maybe even some apologies.

Are Mormons better singers? No. Most of us can’t dance either… but some of us can. Not me though.

He used the statistic of 5.5 million LDS Church members in the US. So to be consistent… I’ll use that stat because I have no idea how many there really are. So using that statistic, and then factoring in the 320 members of the Tabernacle Choir (I know one of the members, by the way, and he’s a complete tool… I’m sure that the other 319 members are very nice people), and then add in the 7,or so, Osmond brothers plus 1 for Marie. I should probably add in about 104 more to account for the Osmond Grand Children (they are Mormons after all), and then add in the 2 American Idol contestants. But, then it’s not confirmed that David Archuleta is, actually, a member of the Church. He is from Murray, Utah… but that doesn’t make him a Mormon by default. So anyway… we’ll assume he is because he is from Utah after all.
That gives us a grand total of 434 members of the church who are confirmed good singers. That makes an average of 0.0079% of the US Mormon population who can, for a fact… sing.
So… Mo… how is it that Mormons are better singers? I’m a Mormon… and I can’t sing to save my life… in fact, the sound of my singing has been outlawed in several States. Our Bishop asked me not to sing in Sacrament Meeting.

Ya, Mo… keep up that stereotype, it seems to be working for you.

I wonder if he was right about the dancing?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Come to My City!

I might go to a discussion panel on why Vampires have gotten so cute and squishy.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Balls of Crack!

Oh man do I have a problem… and I have Easter to blame for it.

Cadbury Mini Eggs!

Oh Yah… You know, don’cha…

Creamy Milk Chocolate coated in a thin candy shell made of pure Crack!

Why can’t I control myself when these little sugar bombs are within reach? I think… I’ll just have one. Oh… one more won’t hurt… much. And then it’s, Whoa Nelly, the Barn’s a burnin’, and I find myself on the floor, in a sugar coma, surrounded by dozens of empty packages, licking chocolate candy shell from my lips.

I’m so glad they are only around for a couple of months or I’d look like pre-Subway Jared.

A couple of months! What am I saying! I better stock up! The world economy could collapse by next year, or Cocoa Blight could hit South America and Africa. Hillary could win the White House! Cadbury Mini Eggs could be selling for a billion dollars an ounce… street value!


Happy Easter Everyone.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Old School Gaming

So… Last night was the night for the “Gary Gygax” memorial game. After not playing for a long, long time (10 years) we all gathered together again to play and relive some of the old times. It was fun, and I hope that we do it again soon.

Your humble blogger, the Kender Thief. "Really, I didn't steal your +4 axe of giant slaying... Gosh! Can I have a Mountain Dew?"

"Dave the Droid" joining us via the internet from Georgia.

More picks to come.

A toast! To Gary...

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Gary Gygax (1939-2008)

This Blog is really turning into some kind of weird obituary with entertainment bits thrown in between.
I’m sorry to do this, but the latest death affects geeks the world over.

Gary Gygax, the co-author of Dungeons & Dragons, and for all intents and purposes, the father of role playing gaming died the other day at the age of 69.

Thank you Gary for all the fun you have given to me and to other geeks over the years.

God’s speed my friend.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Bond vs. Bourne

Last night, my 13-year-old daughter came in while I was watching The Bourne Identity and asked who would win in a fight between Jason Bourne and James Bond. She totally thought that Bourne would be able to kick Bond’s butt without breaking a sweat, and my wife tends to agree.
Here are my thoughts:

Sean Connery Bond:
Bourne is a dead man, hands down. Connery had the coolness factor going for him. He could kill Bourne in a hand to hand, in a tux, without spilling his martini. Don’t forget the girl, he’d have time to kiss the girl with the suggestive name at least 3 times during the fight. And we’re not talking about quick pecks. I’m talking about lips, tongues… the whole enchilada (as it were).

Roger Moore Bond:
This embodiment of Bond would have a harder time with Bourne. He would definitely spill the martini, but would use the broken stem to dispatch Bourne with a stab through the throat. He would then have to change his tux for a white dinner jacket. And there would be two girls with suggestive names on his arms… but only after the fight.

Timothy Dalton Bond:
Bourne kills Bond with a single punch through the chest, pulling out his still beating heart, and then spitting in the hole. He might even kill the girl as well. I hate to say that, since Dalton is Welsh… but facts are what they are.

Pierce Brosnan Bond:
This one is much more complicated, because Remington Steele could kill Bourne in a flat out hand to hand without messing his hair. But, Brosnan as Bond would die. It would be a good fight, don’t get me wrong about that, but in the end, Bond would be dead and Bourne would walk away with a severe limp… and the girl.

I don’t know enough about the other two to even make a decision…

So, there’s my answer to a very simple question. I’m afraid that my wife and daughter don’t agree with me. Such is life.

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