Friday, March 21, 2008

Balls of Crack!

Oh man do I have a problem… and I have Easter to blame for it.

Cadbury Mini Eggs!

Oh Yah… You know, don’cha…

Creamy Milk Chocolate coated in a thin candy shell made of pure Crack!

Why can’t I control myself when these little sugar bombs are within reach? I think… I’ll just have one. Oh… one more won’t hurt… much. And then it’s, Whoa Nelly, the Barn’s a burnin’, and I find myself on the floor, in a sugar coma, surrounded by dozens of empty packages, licking chocolate candy shell from my lips.

I’m so glad they are only around for a couple of months or I’d look like pre-Subway Jared.

A couple of months! What am I saying! I better stock up! The world economy could collapse by next year, or Cocoa Blight could hit South America and Africa. Hillary could win the White House! Cadbury Mini Eggs could be selling for a billion dollars an ounce… street value!


Happy Easter Everyone.

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