Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hey Mo... Nuck, Nuck, Nuck

I read a blog by Mo Rocca this morning that really got me thinking. It’s entitled “American Idol: Are Mormons Better Than Other Christians… at Singing?”
(You can read the full text Here )

Let me get one thing very straight here. I like Mo Rocca. I listen to him on NPR’s “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” Saturday mornings and I’ve seen him on various specials on VH1 and MTV. I think that he is a very funny guy… why else would I read his blog? And let me make one thing perfectly clear… I, in no way believe that Mo Rocca is a bigot, in fact I believe that he is quite the opposite. His Blog, in many ways was complimentary of the LDS people… but then… this is the world we have built for ourselves isn’t it. We can call foul anytime we darn well please… this, I guess, is mine.
That being said, is the premise of his blog “Are Mormon’s better singers” in some way stereotypical and therefore bigoted?

Before you jump all over me and tell me to lighten up, please allow me to illustrate.
If he’d have said, “Tax Season: Are Jews better accountants than other Judeo-Christians” or “The NCAA Sweet Sixteen: Do the Black colleges have the advantage?” Or any other seemingly innocuous statement like that, he would have had some explaining to do. Maybe even some apologies.

Are Mormons better singers? No. Most of us can’t dance either… but some of us can. Not me though.

He used the statistic of 5.5 million LDS Church members in the US. So to be consistent… I’ll use that stat because I have no idea how many there really are. So using that statistic, and then factoring in the 320 members of the Tabernacle Choir (I know one of the members, by the way, and he’s a complete tool… I’m sure that the other 319 members are very nice people), and then add in the 7,or so, Osmond brothers plus 1 for Marie. I should probably add in about 104 more to account for the Osmond Grand Children (they are Mormons after all), and then add in the 2 American Idol contestants. But, then it’s not confirmed that David Archuleta is, actually, a member of the Church. He is from Murray, Utah… but that doesn’t make him a Mormon by default. So anyway… we’ll assume he is because he is from Utah after all.
That gives us a grand total of 434 members of the church who are confirmed good singers. That makes an average of 0.0079% of the US Mormon population who can, for a fact… sing.
So… Mo… how is it that Mormons are better singers? I’m a Mormon… and I can’t sing to save my life… in fact, the sound of my singing has been outlawed in several States. Our Bishop asked me not to sing in Sacrament Meeting.

Ya, Mo… keep up that stereotype, it seems to be working for you.

I wonder if he was right about the dancing?


Bob said...

Not all of the Osmond Grandchildren are goo singers.

Also, Carmen Rasmussen from American Idol a few years ago is LDS. (I feel stupider now for talking about the kareoke show)

Gladys Knight, anyone? and there's former MoTab People.

Murph said...

Ok, ok, ok...
Pick a couple up for Carmen and Gladys drop a couple of the Osmond Grandkids... add in Sister Smith from the 4th ward (I don't know either... just pick one) and it all comes out in the wash. I'm maintaining my 0.0079% number... Unless I got my math wrong... I can't do that either.
I got no skillz.

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