Tuesday, May 27, 2008

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I was going to use this entry to condemn the big oil companies, and call them nasty names… you know… “sons of motherless goats” and the like, but… hey… everyone already knows that. So, I think that I’ll talk about something far more cool. I’ve been asked to review a book. Ok, so I did the asking… well, ok… there were tears, and I did spend some time on my knees begging him to let me read his book, “please let me use my English Degree for something!” That did it, and he finally gave me the nod, I have an advanced copy coming. This reminds me of the time I drove 8 hours to Las Vegas so that I could see Serenity months before it’s release… before it was done even, only to find out that Joss had killed off one of my favorite characters! That sucked! Ok, so maybe this isn’t like that. But…
Look for the review and my interview with the author in the next few weeks.

His name is J. Scott Savage, and he’s written a book called Farworld, Book 1, Water Keep, which is being published by Shadow Mountain Press and has a release date of September 5th. He’s a local guy (local meaning “he’s in the State of Utah”) I think he lives in Payson.

I got an email from him last night asking for my address so that he could send me an ARC, (which I believe stands for Advanced Reviewers Copy) so I’m hoping to get it in the mail before I leave for Silver Moccasin in a week, which means... that I’m going to have to plow through the Terry Pratchett book I’m currently enjoying.
I’m also watching reruns of Inside the Actor’s Studio, so that I can learn how to interview someone. That guy has some great questions, and since I have a beard as well… you know… I should be able to plagiarize his stuff… right?


J Scott Savage said...

Oh, yeah. I'm all about plagerism. Where else are we going to come up with good ideas? BTW, you should be getting your ARC by tomorrow, or MOnday at the latest. Great blog.

Murph said...

Got the book today and am 34 pages into it.
Thank you sir.

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