Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Is Texas Full of Nazis?

There are times that I wonder what has happened to my country, and then there is now.
Not long ago 465 children were taken from… I don’t know how many families of the FLDS church in Texas based on a phone call, purported to be from a 16-year-old pregnant girl. Despite investigation, the Texas authorities can’t find the “girl” who made the call, and are starting to think that it might have been a fake.
(Images of WMD’s are coming to mind.)
So, based on an unsubstantiated report, the “authorities” storm onto private property and take 465 children into custody.
Now, there are reports, that there are a couple of teenage girls who are pregnant or who have given birth while in custody, and I have no problem with the state going after those fathers, if they are indeed adults, but to take every child from an entire community because of a few evil people is just some kind of guerrilla tactic that reeks of the Nazis.

Before I go any further, I want to make something perfectly clear. I am a member of the LDS church, and as such, I do not believe in polygamy. I only have one wife, one mother, and one grandmother. You’d have to go back a bunch of generations before you found polygamy in my family tree. I’m not an expert on the FLDS church and don’t want to be because the FLDS church has nothing to do with my faith.
There have been several unsubstantiated reports in the news and in the tabloids about sexual abuse in their temple and the like, but, frankly, I don’t believe them. I’ve heard all kinds of outrageous things about my own faith that are all untrue, so… I've gotten off track so I’ll leave that argument right there.

Why would the state take an entire community of children for the acts of a few individuals? According to Texas Judge Barbara Walther, the state can take your child if belonging to a certain religion -may- lead to abuse. What kind of nonsense is that?
So according to what she’s saying, if you’re a Moslem or a Northern Irish Catholic, the state can take your kids because there is a remote possibility that your kids might become a suicide bomber?

What’s next!?!

According to Texas Judge Barbara Walther’s philosophy, the state could come to my door and take my kids because there’s a crack house down the street, or a sex offender around the block, or… I don’t know… the neighbors are having swinger parties, and so our neighborhood environment -may- lead to abuse.

Then there’s this article I read this morning:


The conditions that these 465 children have been put in stinks of WWII, German, concentration camps. Oh, except concentration camps were almost better because, from what I’ve read, many times the children could stay with their mothers.
Why doesn’t Texas Judge Barbara Walther just order them all into the gas chamber, since they are, according to her philosophy, mentally scarred for life. Wouldn’t it just be better to end their suffering now? (Did you catch my sarcasm there?)
So maybe the state should just take all children from all parents because, after all, it does take a village to raise a child… oh, that won’t work… a village was raising these 465 children. Maybe we should just outlaw children.
Ya, that’s it, outlaw children and let the human species just die out, because we’re obviously to stupid to live. If we place people like Texas Judge Barbara Walther over us, we are to stupid to remain on this planet.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Boy you sure "think" you know Texas. I wouldn't expect a follower of "Moron-i" to understand what the state was doing. It felt that Childrens' well-being were in question, and went in. Now if this report or call had been real and they ignored it, I imagine people like YOU to be the first to open your big mouths and scream that the Texas Government did nothing while abuses were taking place. And for someone willing to lambaste Texas it seems YOUR state is preoccupied with Polygamists as the SL Tribune has a whole left side bar dedicated to the subject. And this article you cite no longer seems to exist. At least my state wasn't founded by polygamists.

Murph said...

I’m sorry, but you forgot to put your name on your paper… so I’m going to have to give your comment an “F.”

Probably not the first time that you’ve gotten a F…

Also, I know that Texas wasn't founded by polygamists. Texas was founded by freedom loving, independent types who would be horrified at what Texas has become.

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