Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Another One Rides the Bus

Well, it has come to this, I am now riding the bus to work. There is a couple of reasons for this… No, there is really only one reason to ride the bus… I can’t afford to buy the freaking gas anymore! I don’t blame the oil companies, I don’t blame the Arabs, I don’t even blame the environmentalists for my Bus pass. Do you want to know who I blame? I blame the stupid SUV guy that I saw filling up at the Chevron, when the Holiday Oil across the street was 20 cents cheeper! That’s who I blame! You Moron!

So I’m on the bus, and it really isn’t that bad. It used to take me a half hour and a gallon of gas to get to work, and now it takes me 45 minutes and about 200 calories (because I have to walk about a half mile to work from the Trax station. I’ll tell you one thing though; I am getting a heck of a lot of reading done.

So… I’ll take the bus for a while. I’d bet, that if 15% of us did park our cars and started taking the bus to work, we would break the back of the oil companies. I’m not kidding. I thought that we would reach that number when Gas hit $4.00 per gallon, but I was wrong, we’re only a little over 1% of drivers. And so, to inspire you to park your cars and to break their filthy money grubbing backs… I give you… This…

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