Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ar Eireann Ni Neosainn Ce Hi

I have found the sheet music to one of my all time favorite traditional Irish airs. It’s called Ar Eireann Ni Neosainn Ce Hi. For those of you who don’t speak Irish, it means, For Ireland, I’d Not Tell Her Name.
The Music I have is in the key of G (I think) and since my Tin Whistle is in the key of D, I’m going to have to make some alterations to the way I play it, and I know that I’ll never be able to play this song as well as the High Kings, but it sure is a pretty song.

Oh, and please take note of the Non-instrument being played at the end of the song. It's a Walton Tin Whistle, by the way.


Rebecca said...

please please please if you could email me the sheet music. my mother died yesterday, and i want to play this song at her funeral but i don't have the notes. this was her favorite song on the high kings dvd, please if you could take a photo of the sheet music or scan a copy or anything. i play the violin and i think that this could be a wonderful way to say goodbye

please email me:

Murph said...

It's on it's way to you. I'm sorry about your mother... I hope that you and your family can find some peace in your music.

Diarmaid.Upton said...

Hi i know this is a very old blog but this page came up as one of the first google search results when i searched for the sheet music to 'Ar Eireann Ni Neosainn Ce Hi'. Im wondering is there any slight chance that you still have a copy of the music lying around that i could convince you to email to me? Im singing at my dads best friends wedding and his fiance is utterly rigid about the fact that i have to sing this! I keep telling her i wont do it justice! If i had the music or even a link to where you got it id be forever grateful.

Here's to hoping you even see this message!

Thanks for your time, Diarmaid

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