Thursday, July 31, 2008

Can't Judge a Book by it's Cloned Cover!

My wife an I were walking through Barnes and Noble tonight because I really needed something good to read, and my wife wanted to reserve a copy of that new Twilight book. Breaking Wind… I think that’s what it’s called… Ugh! How anyone can read that… drivel.
Anyway, while walking through the store, I came across a table full of “Chicklit” Vamp books and found this one…

And so I said to myself, “Self,” remember I always talk to myself in the third person, “Self, the cover of this book is a blatant Buffy clone.”

See for yourself.


They have no shame.


Melissa said...

You are so funny, Mike. Hey, why don't you read the new book and see if you like it. Maybe it's just like "Buffy" too. That picure really did look like the cover. CRAZY!

John'swife said...

I am his sister and i can categorically say that he will hate it more than there is hate in this world to hate...did you follow that. He will hate it so much that we will need to invent a new word for his utter blinding hatred.

AND...that was TOTALLY a rip off. I am insulted because that book couldn't possibly be as good as any single episode of Buffy was.

Hey...and another thing...back off the chicklits. So times women need to read things that remind us of why we keep men around. Not me because i have the perfect husband, but some women. These books are here to benefit you. Really...they get all romantical, we get all romantical... the guy, well he just benefits if he is smart enought to capitalize.

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