Monday, July 28, 2008

Unplug and Drop-out

Before my one fan starts thinking that all I do on this site is review books, I figured that I’d get a standard post up and going.
Dropping out. Yep, I have dropped out. A few months ago I decided to turn off the radio, stop reading the paper (except for the Arts page… I mean, lets not go overboard) and stopped watching anything news related on the television. Yep, I have unplugged.
And you know what… I’m a much happier person.
Now you might be saying to yourself that I am now one of the masses of the uninformed. And to you I say… Yep!
Look, I used to listen to Rush Limbaugh… until he became unbelievably boarish. Then I turned to Glen Beck. He was funny up until a year ago, and then he became a fear monger… and that was no longer good listening.
“If America doesn’t wake up…” he’d say over and over again.
“I’m awake, Glen!” I’d yell back at my radio, “Now what can I do!?!” The short answer is… nothing. I can write to my congressman, and to the president. I can make phone calls, I can scream at the top of my lungs into space… and Nothing is going to change. So, if there is “nothing” I can do about the hole this country is dropping into, then “nothing” is what I want to know about.
So, here’s what I can do.
I can look after my family, and make the changes that I need to help us survive. I take the bus to work now. Not to save the world, but because I can’t afford to put $4/gallon gas in my car. Stuff like that.
When I go to vote this November, I won’t be voting to the D or the R. I don’t know who I’m gonna vote for… maybe the commie. Oh, wait, that won’t work… the commies are the D and the R.

So, maybe if enough people drop out and unplug, as I have, maybe Washington will realize that we’re just ignoring them and just maybe, they’ll go away.

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