Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Freakin' Thanksgiving

Well the silly season is upon us and I’m just not feeling very festive this year.

So instead of writing some sappy thing about counting our blessings and stating all of the things to be thankful for… I’m just going to say this…

Happy Thanksgiving… sure hope we can all afford to do it again next year.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Stage Makeup

I’m in so much trouble…
A few years ago… more than I care to admit, I helped a friend of mine out with a couple of rooms he had at the old “Haunted Old Mill.” It was so much fun, and because of that experience, I found my wife… but that’s a totally different subject.
Anyway, while working at this haunted house, I taught myself quite a bit about stage and FX makeup. Since then, I’ve tried to keep myself up on technique and so forth, but lately (the last 10 years) I’ve been only using my “vast knowledge” to make my kids into dead pirates and fairy princesses on Halloween and to do realistic first aid drills for the Boy Scouts.
So… getting back to the story, my Stake is putting on a musical, “A Time to Choose,” next March and they were asking for technical people to help out with the production. I figured that I could be of some help so I called up the director and offered to do the stage makeup. Then, I pulled out my old makeup kit and found that most of my brushes were either crusty old, or falling apart, and that most of my cream makeup was more like chalk makeup.
So, I did some looking and bought a theatrical cream kit from Ben Nye, and then grabbed some books from the library as a refresher…
I am in so much trouble!
When I was in my 20’s everything came so easy, now… not so much. Shading isn’t working like it should. Color selection doesn’t seem natural anymore. I can’t control the brushes like I used to…
I really think that I’m just being to hard on myself, and I do have until March to try to get my skills back… plus… I have no idea what this play is about. I don’t know the characters and I don’t know what kind of makeup I’ll be needed to do… so I’m trying to learn it all.

See where volunteering gets you…

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Disneyland Pictures

I've updated my flickr page with some of our Disneyland pictures.

I'll add more later.
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