Thursday, December 18, 2008

Is Barack the Second Coming?

Look, I don’t want to be sacrilegious or anything, especially this close to Christmas, but…
I was walking though a book store last night… because that’s what I do, and I came across the “Obama is God” section, which was filled to capacity with books that spell out the specific god-like qualities that Obama currently has, and all that he will one day possess, i.e. he can’t currently walk on water, but I hear that he’s working on that.

I wonder… when he fails to live up to all the hype, what will happen? Because, I hate to break it to you folks… he may be a child of God… but he isn’t the second coming.


Jana said...

Ok, you made me laugh! I am a friend of Melisa Jones ... (not a blog stalker) I saw the title of your post on her blog and was intrigued ...I would have to agree with your comment ... I don't even think he's all that and a bag of chips ... or if heis, his chips are stale!

Witness said... reminds me of a passage I recently read in a book entitled "Stand Fast by our Constitution."

"And let me say here and now, that in the whole history of the human race, from Adam until now, Tyranny has never come to live with any people with a placard on his breast bearing his name. He always comes in deep disguise, sometimes proclaiming an endowment of freedom, sometimes promising to help the unfortunate and downtrodden, not by creating something for those who do not have, but by robbing those who have. But Tyranny is always a wolf in sheep's clothing, and he always ends by devouring the whole flock, saving none."
--J. Reuben Clark

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