Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I give you the Racist... Dr. Joseph Lowery

So who thought that this “prayer” was completely inappropriate?
I have to admit, there were some fine sentiments in the prayer, but that stupid, racist, finale! Arrrgh! It overshadowed anything of value he had to say.


What would our country be like if we actually went humbly to our creator, said what was in our hearts, petitioned the all mighty in supplication with heads bowed and hearts open?
I dare you to find anyone in that video that was actually bowing his or her head… I found one… CLINTON!!!
This country is in SO much trouble.
That’s all I can say.


Grajeda8 said...

I'm glad I wasn't the only one to feel that way. I was totally flabergasted that he actually said that. I called my mom and asked her if she had heard it, she said no, so I read it to her. ( I had actually wrote it down). Go figure, as a friend said, racism doesn't end just because Obama was made president.

John'swife said...

I didn't catch any racism in the prayer. I agree with you that it was inappropriate. There was nothing humble or prayerful about it. I couldn't even bow my head when he gave it. He was not addressing my Lord...though I am curious...

What did I miss????

Murph said...

I don't want to subject myself to another 5 minutes of this "prayer" in order to get the words exactly right... but in essence: “That black will not have to get back, that brown can stick around, that red can get ahead, that yellow can be mellow, that white will finally do right…”
Now I thought that the idea of equality among the races was that we would eventually become color blind. How exactly are we to do that when color is continually thrown back into our faces? And what was that crap about white finally doing what was right? Obama wasn’t elected by minorities only. If that’s the tone that our new Pres. wants to set for his administration… then we ought to plan on returning to Ireland right now… ‘cause we’re in big trouble.

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