Monday, April 13, 2009

Loss of Geek Cred

I guess it’s time to turn in my geek card ‘cause last night I totally lost geek credit.
So there I was, playing on the floor with my beautiful little niece and my brother-in-law says, “Oh, did you hear that David Arneson died?” He may as well have said, “did you know that Freddy Fleeflicker just died” because I had no fracking idea who David Arneson was.
My first instinct was to say, “Oh that’s to bad” and totally lie, but no… I said “I don’t know who that is.”
Save versus Intelligence because I lost geek cred by the shovel full in an instant.

Yes, sadly David Arneson was the co-creator of that wonderful game: D&D, and the guy credited with the idea of using the d20 for combat.
He and Gary are back together... maybe they'll start a heavenly gaming guild together... I might just have to get in on that.

Yes, I have lost geek cred, but I will gain it back! Somehow… even if I have to join a LARP group… well… maybe I won’t go that far.


Anonymous said...

You'll always be geeky to me! Love ya!

Murph said...

Awwhhh... I sure hope you're my wife.

Melissa said...

That's funny, Mike.....I don't know who he is either. Does that make you feel any better? Probably not, huh? Oh well, you'll get your status back....ha, ha! :)

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