Friday, April 03, 2009

Soccer Season is Here!

Yep, you see those clouds over the stadium? They DUMPED on us in about the 75th minute of the game last night.
So yesterday, I turned 40… and to celebrate my down-hill slide into death, my wife bought us tickets to the Real / Columbus game because I love soccer, and I love Real and Columbus, so to see them both play at the same time was a real treat for me. And to see Real tromp Columbus was a very big treat indeed.
And now… my wife is hooked on the game and is really wanting season tickets.
Now my gut says… no. But the Celt in me gives a resounding YAWP in the affirmative.
I think that we’ll pass on the season tickets this season, and just buy some flex passes so that we can take the kiddies.

But look at that picture... we had GREAT seats!


Grajeda8 said...

Wonderful seats!!! I love to watch soccer, love it even more when Mexico and the US are playing and get to tease my daughter!!! There was a Mexican pro team that came here to play an exhibition team with one of the local teams here and Gabby got to go to it. She was in heaven! Glad you had fun and Terri enjoyed herself as well.

Melissa said...

When I read the title of your blog, I thought you meant "Soccer season is here..." for your kids....since we're starting in a couple of weeks with 3 of ours. I guess that's what's on my brain at the moment.

But, hey happy be-lated birthday! Hope you had a good one. I'm right behind you. UGH! :)

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