Saturday, May 09, 2009

Karma, Vortexes and other things they don’t teach in Sunday School

It wasn’t long ago that I began to believe in karma. As a Mormon, I was taught that it was impossible for the cosmos to align against an individual… and then I met Dan. He and I worked in the same office. He wasn’t a very nice guy, and I started to notice a pattern. If we ordered lunch as an office… his was always the one that got messed up. Wheat bread instead of white, pork instead of chicken…
“I ordered 12 lunches, why did we only get 11?”
“Who’s is missing?”

If a computer was going to get kicked off the network, it was almost always his. Things he would order from the Internet would almost always come in wrong. Medical billing with the insurance company would get messed up in some way. He was always on the phone trying to straighten things out… and was never, ever nice about it.
Then I realized… he’s throwing out bad vibes into the cosmos and bad vibes are heaping up upon him. It’s karma, man… Karma.

So now… I’m starting to believe in vortexes. Little localized events that suck other events to it.
My family and I like to go to renaissance faires and festivals. It’s a thing… I know. Anyway, we’ve been planning to go to Ren Fest in Ogden for about 6 months. and thought that we would be able to choose either of the weekends… that was the case up until last Saturday. Then things started heaping up… dance practice, yard cleanup at Grandma’s, birthday parties, funerals… STOP THE INSANITY!
All on the same weekend!?! Are you kidding me?

I’m telling you folks, there are vortexes in this world, and they center on times that are very important to you and your family…
Believe it.


Melissa said...

It's something to think about, for sure. Interesting....very interesting. Sorry you didn't get to go to the festival.

Murph said...

Oh, we did go... we went late and left early, but we did get to go. You just can't stop a Porter in a kilt... let alone two of 'em.

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