Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Sorry about the Blog... Or lack thereof.

This is supposed to be the Mind of Murph, and I guess there hasn’t been much on my mind… but the real truth of the matter is that there’s been lot’s on my mind, and I just can’t unjumble it all into coherent sentences.

We’re finally back to full work hours at the office… for now.

I’ve just finished my work on 3 plays for this community theater season, and I’m trying to figure out a way to go to IMATS next summer, and along those lines, I want to save for an airbrush… which reminds me… I ordered a couple of foundation brushes a couple of weeks ago… I wonder where they are; I’ll need them for Halloween.

My son just told me that he wants to start Kart Racing out at Larry H. Miller Motorsports Park.

I’m Planning a Pirate Party for September 19th… Yarrr!

My Sister-in-Law just got a divorce and is now living with us.

On, and On, and On…

Ya see?
I just can’t keep my thoughts in line.

But here’s a question I was wondering about, while waiting for my car to get new tires… If a vampire doesn’t cast a reflection, and can’t be filmed… can they be picked up on motion sensors… and if not… what do they do at automatic doors when they go to the grocery store?


Melissa said...

Loved the vampire question....but maybe they don't need to go into the grocery stores at all....they get their nourishment from the outside world, right? (Oohhh, icky, I can't believe I just said that!)......

Aegthelion said...

Well if they are proper Vampires and not sparkly Leech people, then they have a number of options available.

-Turn to Mist and slip in around the edges.

-Charm some poor fool mortal to open the door for you.

-Simply force the door open with your supernatural strength

That's just off the top of my head. If we move away from just western Vampire myths all kinds of crazy options become available.

They could also do what I do half time and just use the regular door. Seriously, it's embarrassing how often I slam into the automatic doors because they fail to open.

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