Monday, February 01, 2010

No More Final Frontier

The US space program is dead.
It has been on a downward spiral into failure and obscurity since the end of the Apollo program, and now with the release of Obama’s new budget that effectively kills the Constellation program (that was designed to take us back to the moon) and the Ares 1 rocket (that was to replace the 20 year old space shuttle fleet), plus his misguided idea to have private contractors “shuttle” astronauts into low Earth orbit, he has just put the final nail into NASA’s coffin. Forget, of course, that no private company has ever been able to reach low Earth orbit, and they are all no less than 10 years out from achieving that which the USSR achieved in 1957.
Neal Armstrong said that his first steps on the moon were a giant leap for mankind. I’d say that he was no prophet, since the only leaping we’ve done since then have been backward.
Maybe we should just bulldoze Kennedy Space Center and replace it with low cost housing, because nothing’s going into space from there anymore.
Think about this: The only country to ever put men on the moon has now become a second rate “bit player” in space exploration thanks to our “forward thinking” president.
The US will never put people on the moon again, and the first team to reach Mars will most likely be speaking Chinese.
It’s a shame.
My children can now look forward to peering into the night sky only to see the bars of their Earth bound imprisonment. Man’s urge to explore will now need to be channeled elsewhere… but where. We are explorers by nature, but we’ve let the timid among us kill that wonder.

Thank you Mr. President for killing the dreams of our children.

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