Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Bookstores are Dead!

Brick and Mortar bookstores are dead.
When was the last time you walked into one? And if you have walked into one recently, when was the last time you walked into one and actually found what you were looking for? I just walked into a Barnes & Noble with a list of 3 books. Not really obscure or out of print books… 3 books recently featured on “All things Considered.” So, they are books with a relatively good chance of being read.
Well, I couldn’t find them on the shelves, so I ask one of the illiterate book drones that work there. The computer told them that they were out of stock.
“So when will they be in stock?” I ask.
“Well,” he droned, “we don’t stock any of those books… but I can order them in.”

The lesson here, boys and girls, is that if you want to read anything about teen angst vampires, go to Barnes and Noble… if you want anything else… find it on line.


Aegthelion said...

Your sister and I go into book stores all the time. Barnes & Noble is our favorite hangout spot.
We spent several hours there this last Friday night in fact.

In addition to that we are always able to find more books to purchase than we can actually afford to. At the minimum we buy several books there every month. And I don't read sparkly vamp crap, teen drama or chic lit. So obviously your assessment is wrong.

Brick and mortar stores cannot afford to stock multiple copies of every book ever written. They have to figure out what is likely to sell and stock that. They offered to order it in for you. They are doing what they can. You having a tantrum because you can't have it right now does not rationally equate to "Bookstores are Dead".

All you are doing by railing against book stores and encouraging people to skip them and shop online is to speed the eventual death of the physical book stores that you claim to love.

And just because the rest of us don't all have a degree in "book club", as you yourself call it. Does not mean that our choices in literature do not count.

Kate said...

I just find this whole thread very entertaining. LOL I have to say I agree with you both somehow . . . I go into the Sandy B&N all the time and most times don't find what I was looking for (we must just not like what is selling I guess), but I also find myself tempted by many great books they are stocking and love spending date nights with my husband just searching the shelves (I would do it daily if my four kids didn't put the entire children's section in danger of ruin while I'm zoned out reading a book).


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