Monday, August 08, 2011

Costumed Freaks!

In the past few months, I’ve joined a group of… well… self-proclaimed costumed freaks. The Society for Creative Anachronism is an “international organization dedicated to researching and recreating pre-17th century European history” (to quote the web site), but I’ve found it to be much more than that. It’s a group of people with very different interests, faiths, beliefs, skills, ages… we’re not just a bunch of geeks. There are, who I refer to as, the beautiful people mingling with the nerds… and everyone is good with that. Kids learn about what chivalry means, not just through reading about it, but by living it.
I know, were only using the romanticized version of history… true. I mean, my persona would have lived through the Black Death… and that’s ok.
Here’s what I think is neat. My heritage is mostly Celtic. I have ancestors who came from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England. A major weapon in the 13th and 14th centuries was the Welsh Longbow (sometimes called the English Longbow) and so, for some time, I’ve wanted to learn to shoot one. When my daughter expressed an interest in doing the same, I took the opportunity to find a group who could teach us. It just so happened to be the SCA.
Three weeks ago at Baron’s War, I was awarded my Ranger Tassel in Period Long Bow, which basically means that I’ve been able to score an average of 60 and above in a shoot we call the “Royal Rounds.” I’d say not bad for a guy who’s only been shooting since January. I was awarded my rank by His Royal Majesty King Morgan and Her Royal Majesty Queen Esabell of Artemisia, which, I must say… was surreal… in a good way.
I mean… how many people on this planet can say that they have taken a knee before a King and Queen who earned their titles through feats of arms, to be awarded a rank earned through skill and competition? Not many I’d say.
All of this doesn’t stop my younger sister from thinking that we’re “just weird.” Nor does it stop my younger brother from wondering why we can’t use “sites on our bows.” I don’t know, maybe I’m the normal one and everyone else is on the fringes. I can only dream.

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Angela Stephens said...

Nah!!! We are the normal ones for sure.

Any fool can shoot a bow with sites and counter weights. It is hard as heck to shoot when it is just you and the bow against the wind, sun, elements and Ryryd.

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