Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Zombie Love

Something has been on my mind, and I think I just found the answer. Why are Zombies so dang popular right now? Unlike the other undead “monsters” of past fads, zombies can’t be turned into some teen love interest… or can they? Vampires have always had this erotic thing going for them, but it was Joss Whedon and Anne Rice (in my opinion) who humanized them, and it was Stephenie Meyer who made them pathetic. I’ll get back to that. As for werewolves, I guess that they could be a love interest… as long as the moon isn’t full. I mean Oz, in the Buffy Series was a pretty terrible monster on a full moon, but that didn’t stop him from dating Willow. But Stephenie Meyer turned the werewolf into a cuddly puppy that you could curl up with by the fire.

So yes, I’m blaming the latest undead fad, the zombie, on Stephenie Meyer, because she and her “Twihard” army have pushed the public into a place where they are wishing, hoping, and praying for a zombie apocalypse. The public has had their fill of pathetic movie monsters and have latched onto a creature so terrible that there is literally no way that Stephenie Meyer or her imitators could possibly turn them into a teen love interest… Although… I wouldn’t be surprised if somewhere deep on the SM hard drive, one would find… wait for it:

The story of a goth girl in Flint, Michigan, who, being misunderstood and unliked by anyone in her school, falls in love with the rotting, yet walking, corpse of her formerly living boyfriend, Chuck. She longs to be with him, to have him eat her brain so that she can rot for eternity by his side. And yet, she is torn between her love for Chuck, and the Flesh Gollum created by the science geek down the street.

 … oh, man… I think I just threw up in my mouth.


Soozcat said...

Dear Sir:
You are forgetting Soozcat's Internet Theorem #429! To wit: No matter how weird the concept may be, someone's writing fanfic about it right now.

Murph said...

Dear Snoozcat,

Redhead Running said...

This. Every bit of this!

Murph, I'm sending I'm going to really enjoy following you! Thanks for your comment today! :)

Murph said...

Hey! Thank's Morgan, from one redhead to another.

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