Saturday, April 28, 2012

I just have to say...

I just have to say this publicly. I love my wife! Yep, it’s true. She’s the greatest person I have ever known, and she is my best friend.

A few years ago, I started running, and have been doing it, off and on, for the last 4 years. I can’t say that I love running, but I can say that I miss it when, for whatever reason, I’m not running. She has been my support, and my inspiration throughout. She has come to several of the races I’ve run to cheer me on and give me a big smooch at the finish line. She even followed us through the first day of the Las Vegas Ragnar.

Now, my wife is not a size 5, never has been, and most likely never will be. She struggles with her weight, and 20 years of marriage and 4 children have not helped the situation. Recently, she started walking the neighborhood. She does it fairly regularly, and I couldn’t be more proud of her for that. But yesterday, she astounded me.

I had plans to go up to Clearfield, (about 45 minutes north of home) to run a little 5k that a friend of mine organized as a memorial to her Mom, who passed away from ALS last year. So, while I was preparing for that, my wife asked if she could go up and do it as well. “You want to run a 5k?” I asked with a smile. “Well,” she replied, “I’ll most likely walk it, do you think that would be ok?” I told her that yes, everyone was invited to join in, and that since it was probably going to be a very small turn out, that this would be a great one to start off with.

This morning, we got up at 6:30, and was at the registration desk by 8:30. Despite her nerves, and doubts, and what not, she participated, and walked the whole 3 miles, but finished!

I tell you, I could not be prouder of her, and feel so blessed to have her in my life.

Monday, April 23, 2012

My 2012 Playlist

Running Playlists…

Have you ever gone looking for playlists?  If you Google it your bound to find 1.9 million playlists, many of which are attached to Runner’s World Magazine, or to some “famous” runner, and all of which (seemingly) are sponsored by iTunes.  Now, I have nothing at all against iTunes… In fact I buy music from them all the time, but I have a sneaking suspicion (lacking any other evidence) that these lists are generated by iTunes, based on what is popular, what’s on the charts, and what tunes have the highest price, and then iTunes goes to Runner’s World or some Famous Runner with a request (and some green backs) to attach their names to said list.  I don’t have any evidence for this… but it just rings true.

So… with that being said, please allow me to add a small portion of my playlist to the chaos.  You may ask yourself… how does he run to that?  Well, I just do.  Sometimes I just want something to motivate over something to pace with.

So here it is… My 2012 playlist:
Run Baby Run, by Garbage  (appropriate beginning don’t you think?)
Dead Man’s Party, by Oingo Boingo
Mr Roboto, by Styx (Don’t laugh.  I can pace myself to this song all day long.)
Ghosts, by Ladytron
Rainy Monday, by Shiny Toy Guns
Blue Monday, by Orgy
Ready to Go, by Republica
Spaceman, by The Killers
No One Lives Forever, by Oingo Boingo
Stupid Girl, by Garbage
Unbeautiful, by Lesley Roy
Dead is the New Alive, by Emilie Autumn (Don’t listen to this one while night running on dark lonely streets… Kind of freaked me out one night… long story…)
Rolling in the Deep, by Adele
I want to come over, by Melissa Etheridge
Hanging Around, by Gemma Hayes
Here for You Now, by Lesley Roy

And there you have it… a small part of my running playlist for 2012, unsponsored and unapproved by any of the artists listed.

Happy Running!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

You Jerk!

Why are there so many jerks in the world?  I started thinking about this last night while I was running, and the 3rd group of teens yelled some obscenity at me.  I don’t get it.
Granted, I’m a 43 year old asthmatic, who does his best to… not die, and so, I run.  What do they do?  Play their PS3 and pound potato chips?  That gives them the right to disparage me because I choose to take care of myself and challenge my already challenged body?  I don’t get it.
The thing that really ticks me off is that I know that at least a couple of those kids last night pretend to be Boy Scouts at least once a week.  This is Utah after all.  I guess they need to read the scout law again… but then again… so do I, since I’m pretty sure that I made a gesture toward the last group that was neither Friendly, Courteous, Kind, or Cheerful.
Bad Scout Master!  Heheheheee...
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