Thursday, May 03, 2012

Kick a... What!?!

I have just become aware of something that… well, when I realized that it was real, I just could not believe it, and then I got angry.

“Kick a Ginger Day”

I’m a red-head (I don’t know when we became “Ginger” but… whatever… I’m a red-head) by birth, certainly not by choice.  I carry the mutated MC1R protein in my genetic makeup, which I have most certainly passed on to my children, but thank mighty Odin, I married someone who does not carry that same mutation and so, my children have wonderfully non-descript brown hair.

Now, you may be thinking that I’m a self-loathing red-head.  That’s not true.  I’ve come to terms with the fact that I have red hair, that I have freckles, and that I sunburn at the mere thought of the summer sun.  I’m in my 40’s, I’ve had time to come to terms with long sleeves and wide brimmed hats.  I’ve gotten to the age where the knuckle-draggers of the world don’t call me a “Carrot Top,” “Freckle Face,” “Flame,” or some other vile slur, and with age, my hair is beginning to turn a wonderfully snowy white.

I just did not want my children to have to go through the same kind of hell that I did while in school.  Luck was on the side of my kids, not a red-head among them.

So, when my nephew (a red-head) said on Facebook that he hated “Kick a Ginger Day” I thought… What!?!  Sure enough… there’s a day; created by the scum behind Southpark.  There’s even where they state that Gingers don’t have souls so it’s good to kick them.

In Canada, there have been cases where gangs of Neanderthals have viciously attacked red-heads on this, most vile of days.  And yet, no one does anything about it, no one puts a stop to it.

What would happen if someone organized (and I am not for this idea in any way, shape, or form... it's just an example) “Kick a N_ Day,” or something like that.  There would be outrage in the streets.  Cities would burn.  But Kick a Ginger Day, and people kind of laugh and go on with life.  Disgusting!

Well… There is one red-head myth out there that is, in fact, true.  Red-heads earn a freckle for every soul they steal.  Don’t believe it?  Go ahead… Kick Me!  *Insert evil laugh here*

And on another note... Would you kick her?  You couldn't run away fast enough.


Redhead Running said...

I LOVE that thought, a freckle for every soul we steal. Frigging priceless!!!! I know all about Kick a Ginger day no thanks to my friends that think it's the most hilarious thing ever. Idiots is all I have to say about that.

Growing up being red was def not my favorite thing in the world but with time I began to realize that being red was pretty darn awesome and I wouldn't mind if I had a little redhead girl someday... I would just make sure to show her how to embrace her roots as it were since no one helped me embrace mine.

Redhead Running said...

P.S. If you have netflix you can rent Run Fatboy Run; it's definitely worth it, so hilarious!

Murph said...

Thanks for your comments, and your redheaded pride!
"Redheads of the world, Unite!"
I do have Netflix, I'll check it out tonight. Thank you Ma'am.

Melissa said...

Well, that just ruined my day....thanks Mike! :) I have never heard of "kick a ginger day!" I personally think that red-heads are going to take over the world one day! I've come to terms with my red hair now too, but I agree, it was HORRIBLE growing up! Kids are mean! But now, as an adult, I just think they were all jealous that THEY didn't have red hair....that's my story, and I'm stickin' to it! :)

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