Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Why I Run

There are some things I really love about being a runner. It's not the adrenalin, it's not buying new shoes every three to four-hundred miles, it's really not the leg cramps when I'm low on magnesium, it's not even the time that I started up the Timpanogos Cave Trail 45 minutes behind the rest of our group, and still hit the cave mouth before everyone else... that was a good day, but still pales in comparison behind my favorite part of being a runner.
Tec-Shirts, Bling, and Motivational Posters.
No Lie.  I love the shirts, I love the finisher's metals, and I love the little motivationals that people post on their blogs and on facebook.

This one just makes me giggle... I'll think of just before my final leg of the Wasatch Back... because it's so true!
Speaking of journey's that are to arduous, I have a goal of running a half marathon this year, but I'm a little frightened.  You might be thinking, "What?"  You're running your third Ragnar, a half marathon should be cake.  Ya, I can do 13.1 miles... I'm pretty sure I can, even though I've never run more that about 7.5 miles... ever.  This year's Wasatch Back I'll run a total of about 18 miles, which is alot for me.  So, sometimes I have doubts about running a half...
Maybe I just need a motivational poster...

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