Monday, June 04, 2012

Finding my Chi

Last week was a crazy one for me.  My oldest daughter graduated from High School and will be leaving for college in the fall.  So we had her graduation and an open house for her, on top of some design meetings for a play I'm working on, and trying to find time to run... I had to get myself centered again.  Fortunately, I had an archery tournament on Saturday.  And since archery has this fantastic centering effect on me, I went.
The tourney is held at this great location in Provo: "The Castle."  It's up on the mountain, and for a group of medieval folk like us... it just adds to the feeling of the event.

We had two shoots that day.  The first is an elite shoot called the Loch Salann Arrow.  The entire event consists of 12 arrows, one at each target, and it is so hard that it's not uncommon for half the archers to score a zero.  I think that the winner this year shot a total score of 3 out of a possible 12.  I went into this shoot with so many nerves that I forgot about my form and ended up with a triple wrist slap from my string.
My bruise the way it looks today.
It was swollen, and all kinds of purple on Saturday.

We had about an hour between the Loch Salann Arrow and the Baronial Championship, so I went back to my pavilion, had some lunch, and recenter myself for the Championship shoot.
When I got back to the range, I found the most evil of the evil shoot's.  12 targets, that must be shot in order.  A limit of 3 arrows per target and only one arrow counts for score.  There were obstacles to shoot around (or through).  One target had to be shot in a sitting position.  I shoot a 72" long Welsh Longbow, which is not easy to shoot while sitting 24" off the ground.
Still, with all that I shot better that I have ever shot before.  I tied for 3rd place and was only 3 points behind the winner when all was said and done.

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Redhead Running said...

I seriously hope you do another post about this aspect of your life, specifically how you got involved in it! So cool!

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