Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cinderella (Cottonwood Heights Arts Council)

Despite a rough start (for me), Cinderella has been a lot of fun. The cast finally warmed up to me, I finally chilled out, and everything has been jake ever since. Yesterday was probably the most fun. We had two shows in a row, with only about two hours in between, so my daughters and I sat and watched “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” at my makeup table, while eating our lunch/dinner.

But that’s not why it was so fun… Little girls have been showing up to the theatre wearing their little Disney Princess costumes and lining up after the show to have April (our Cinderella) sign their programs. It is so stinkin’ cute! My youngest (a princess in her own right) was one of them, but she’s nine and so… in her own words… is “far to old to wear a costume.” But Ally has always loved the theatre. Every show I do, she insists on seeing back stage, she wants some of the magic to reveal itself. To see how we did this, or that. To see that the set pieces are really just flat frames and plywood. Maybe to confirm to herself that there isn’t a whole other world that opens up to stage right.

Ally and April
Sorry about the poor quality of the pics, all I had
was my phone, and I'm to cheep to get a phone
with a good camera

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Redhead Running said...

How exciting! My step-mom is a high school drama/english teacher and puts on a few plays a year, always big productions and I've yet to see one (her and my dad live in Colorado) but I get to hear about them and it definitely sounds like a tough job wrangling all those kids and putting on a great show. Congrats!

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