Monday, July 23, 2012

What a good weekend.

Ya know, I had a pretty good weekend.

It started out with a 7 mile run… it was supposed to be a 10 miler, but I had to cut it short due to the fact that… It’s freakin’ hot out there.  My oldest Daughter, BB, had to go to work Saturday morning, and so I had her take my van, with the idea that I would just run to her work and then drive my van home. The store she works for is about 5 miles, and some change, from our house, so I worked out a course that would kind of, meander through neighborhoods and such in order to get me to my desired 10 miles.

I made the mistake of not heading out until about 9:00 am (it was 88 degrees at 9:00am), with a full water bottle and 3 shotblocks in my pocket, I took off up the street.  At 4 miles I knew that I was in trouble.  Sweat burning my eyes, breath heavier than normal, and my water bottle getting horrifyingly light, I bypassed one of my preplanned loops, in order to find water.  At about 5 miles, I passed a fire station, where…THANKFULLY… the firemen were out making their tanker look a shiny.  So I b-lined it up their driveway and pleaded for a refill on my water bottle.  The Fireman I talked to helped me out, and I apologized for bothering them.  I’ll never forget what he said.  “Look, I can put water in you now, or we can wait for you to dehydrate and collapse on the street some place.  Then we’d have to go find you, scrape you off the road, and then put water in you.   I think I’d rather do it now, Thank You.”

Love those guys.

 That night, my wife and I went to a tabernacle choir concert at the LDS Conference Center to hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing with Katherine Jenkins, a Welsh mezzo-sopranno, who is just as cute as can be and so talented.  It was a fun night, despite the fact that I forgot my glasses, and… well… if you’ve never seen the Conference Center… it’s a BIG space.  Huge.  And so, I couldn’t see anything that was happening on the stage, but the music was lovely.

It was truly wonderful to spend some time with my wife, and to enjoy wonderful music in such an inspiring place.

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