Saturday, August 04, 2012

Flash Finale, and some really good news

Score that a flash mob! Finally, after one rained out attempt, we were able to flash mob Cowabunga Bay, a small, local water park. What’s funny is that the producer for Cinderella (the play I just finished work on) was there with her family. So when we finished and were just standing around, like nothing happened, she walked up to us to talk to us about the flash. What can I say… we’re all about performing.

On that same note… I think that I just got work on a movie! Turns out that the set designer for Cinderella is producing a movie at one of our local ski lodges. He said that it is very small budget and has been shooting for a while now, they still have about 4 more days of shooting once we have snow again, and wants me to go up there to help… I’m totally freaking out inside, trying not to get to excited because I know how iffy things like this can be, but… I will be finding a book on film makeup, so that I can be somewhat knowledgeable if when I head up there. Yep… freaking out inside!

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Redhead Running said...

That is so exciting! Def keep us in the loop!

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